The Welcome to Gainesville Billboard

Southeast Bound Billboard Outdoor Advertising Entering Gainesville Available On Waldo Road

Great Deal, Rent for Only $600 per Month, Long Term

Contact: Andrew Weitzen, 352-327-3672,, Gainesville, FL

This is the best sign entering Gainesville from the east. This is the first sign people see. This is the biggest sign. This sign welcomes everyone coming to Gainesville from Jacksonville and those coming south on I-95.

Gainesville's Gateway Billboard

Most Impactful Billboard Entering Gainesville from the East

This billboard says you are Gainesville's most important business

  1. On Waldo Road
  2. First billboard
  3. Largest billboard
  4. Iconic billboard, was old Gatornationals sign

Billboard outdoor advertising can be among the most cost-effective advertising. One new customer may more than pay for the cost of a sign for the whole month or even year.

Being in limited supply, a billboard can give you an advantage over your competition by putting your message in front of prospects in a way your competitors cannot.

This billboard is located 1.5 miles east of the airport on the north side near 7702 NE Waldo Road, SR 24, southeast bound into Gainesville.

Billboard Near 7702 NE Waldo Road SE Bound

Most, if not all other billboards on Waldo Road are owned by Clear Channel. Lamar made an offer to buy this billboard.

This section of Waldo Road averages 8,800 southbound cars per day (FDOT statistics below). This billboard does not have lights. Estimating 80% of traffic when the sign is visible, leaves about 7,040 cars per day, or 197,120 cars per 4 weeks, 211,200 for 30 day months and 218,240 for 31 day months.

We are asking $600 per month to rent this sign. This is about $2.80 CPM (cost per thousand, based on 365 day year). Compare Clear Channel rates below, which are $6 to nearly $9 per CPM, or $1,200 to $1,800 per month.

The Sign Board is
32 feet 1 inch wide
12 feet high (144 inches)
17 inches off the ground

The Vinyl cover is
33 feet wide
10 feet 4 inches high (124 inches) plus add wrap around top

Note: the current cover does not go all the way to the bottom of the sign board.

You can get an estimate from a print shop for printing and installing the sign.

If you are interested, contact me at 352-327-3672.



1. Clear Channel Billboard Rates for Gainesville

Clear Channel pricing is $6.09 to $8.96 CPM. We are asking less than that. The following image is from April 9, 2019. Click on the image to expand.

Clear Channel Gainesville Rates

2. Lamar Pricing Was at $1,100 to $1,600

Lamar does not have any bulletin boards on the east side of Gainesville. Lamar no longer list pricing on their website. The image below is a few years old.

Lamar Gainesville Rates

3. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) - Traffic Data Online

The following image is from April 9, 2019. The pop up balloon with the daily traffic information is pointing where the sign is located. You can see the AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic) is 17,600, estimating 8,800 in each direction.

Traffic May for Gainesville

The following image is from 2015. This shows the sign in relation to the airport.

Traffic May for Gainesville Legend for Annual Average Daily Traffic

The following image is from 2015 for the 2014 Annual Average Daily Traffic. You need a password now to get the Average Daily Traffic Report. You can see the inbound traffic is slightly larger than the outbound traffic.

Waldo Road Sound Bound 8,200 Daily Traffic
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